Changes on the horizon for CSULB graduation

Graduating seniors will be walking the commencement stage without the real-time bravado of graduation classic, “Pomp and Circumstance,” as live music has been cut from the budget this year, in addition to a slight venue change. During a routine Academic Senate meeting Thursday, talks of changes to the College of Liberal Arts commencement ceremony were revealed. An email released to select faculty was disseminated on Jan. 25 announcing the planned changes. The proposed modifications include cutt

Cardboard boxes turned canvases

Our minds rarely register the faces of the those responsible for harvesting every apple, bundle of bananas, or basket of berries at the supermarket — but perhaps they should. MFA drawing and painting student, Narsiso Martinez, gives viewers the chance to associate a face with the fruits of this extensive labor, in his exhibition thesis entitled, “The Harvest.” “I try to bring a real story from a real person into the piece,” Martinez said. “I started thinking about the lives of the of the farm

CSULB history professor awarded $50,400 grant to fund new book

Amid the lackluster halls of Cal State Long Beach’s faculty offices, one door stands out, marked with a paper printout of a celebratory tweet from President Jane Close Conoley. The tweet reads, “Great news: CSULB history professor, Dr. Michiko Takeuchi was awarded a prestigious NEH award. Our faculty rock.”. Michiko Takeuchi, assistant professor of Japanese history since 2004, was recently awarded a $50,400 fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The award will fund research

Author of American Islamophobia to speak at CSULB

To open up a dialogue about Islamophobia in the United States, Associated Students Inc. plans to welcome critical race theorist and law professor, Khaled A. Beydoun. Beydoun will lead a discussion about “Race and Muslims in America” on April 23 in the University Student Union Beach Auditorium from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. His latest book, “American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise to Fear” discusses the history of Islamophobia and how negative stigmas have impacted the American legal sys

A potential misstep by administration is announced to academic senate

One faculty member has claimed that Cal State Long Beach administration violated university policy by accessing her professional email account without her consent. Douglas Domingo-Forasté, the California Faculty Association Long Beach Chapter president, first presented the breach to the academic senate on April 5. He stated that during a grievance hearing April 3, one of the university’s lawyers attempted to use a faculty member’s email messages to disprove her claim. “We had a grievance the

‘Good News’ gone bad

Every semester when campus life reaches the height of chaos, students are greeted by the comforting sound of a lunatic screaming, “You are all going to burn in Hell!” into a bullhorn. This call to repentance comes via traveling street preachers. They arrive on campus a couple times a year with provocative signs, claiming to be spreading the gospel. In actuality, they are spreading nothing but hate and inciting violence. It’s a pretty simple equation actually. Arrive on campus, verbally attack s

CSULB students enjoy the perks of puppies

Those who have felt plagued by the impending doom of midterms were able to seek refuge in the comfort of cold noses and wagging tails at an event put on by Associated Students Inc. Tuesday. ASI collaborated with Beach Balance to host “Puppy Therapy,” an event designed to reduce stress by letting students spend a few minutes with puppies and therapy dogs while encouraging voter turnout for the ongoing ASI elections. The event was held in the main gym inside The Student Recreation and Wellness c

CSULB students respond to commencement changes

Less than two weeks after Cal State Long Beach officials announced that the venue for the 2018 commencement would be moved and music removed, students organized a picketing event. A teary-eyed student projected her emotions into a megaphone Tuesday afternoon as eight fellow protesters stood beside her, displaying signs in solidarity. She described watching her father walk the commencement stage at CSULB some thirty years ago. She dreamt of walking the same stage one day, and now since the gradu

“Culture II:” A hit or a miss?

It’s clear that rap group Migos wanted its new album “Culture II” to hit fans hard and make a lasting impact on the rap game, as it features some of the biggest names in music. Top artists such as Drake, Cardi B, Travis Scott, and 21 Savage are just a few to grace the EP’s tracks. But the trio didn’t bet everything on the impressive lineup; the album boasts 24 full songs that appeal to a multitude of listeners. By featuring numerous artists and touching on specific cultural sounds, it’s safe to

Survivors and supporters gathered by the hundreds for Sunday’s #MeToo march

Crowds of hundreds gathered within the bustling streets of Hollywood Sunday to march in protest against sexual harassment and assault. College students, celebrities, men and women of different ages and backgrounds came together to raise awareness about the growing issue of sexual misconduct. The streets became a sea of red t-shirts, displaying “take back the workplace,” with silhouettes of female firefighters, doctors and police officers. Accusations against Hollywood movie producer Harvey Wei